Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Youtube partners

Youtube made my day today! I turned youtube partners! yay!! I directly changed my profile etc.
I decided to choose the same banner as what i am using on my blog. Maybe later i will change it. But i think my channel looks great how it looks at the moment ^^ So check it out! www.youtube.com/user/creativenailart


  1. Your new channel is nice... though I can't clearly read the white parts ahah ! Maybe I should get new glasses... at least I will need some new for my new job !!!

    Congrats again, so happy for you... so how many subbers do you need to get all this ?

    An btw I love this pink & purple design.

    Have a night evening


  2. Congratulations on becoming a youtube partner!! :D

  3. @Jen thank you ^^
    @Amandine Thank you, Youtube actually looks at the amount of views. If your videos reach a lot of views like 1000 per video and you have no copyrighted things like music, pictures etc. Then you have the chance being youtube partners =D