Friday, June 24, 2011

share my life with music

Hi ladies! This is just something else different then nail art. I was busy listening to some old music and realising that a lot of songs ment a lot to me in the passed.  I really wanted to put this out so here is my story.

Music does something with you. It really puts you to thinking. It can make you happy, sad, mad etc.
the first thing i always listen to is the voice. Then the text and after the beat.

I was always fan of Chris Brown. When i was 15 i downloaded every song and i knew when the new song will come out etc. I am a very big fan of chris brown. The song im listening at the moment is:
Chris brown- Next 2 you.  He has been through a lot  in the passed. And im so thankfull that he just keeps on singing and making his fans happy.!

More than 2 years ago. I met my boyfriend. It was great listening to some old music at the moment when we just met each other. I can remember the first song i send to him. Music does make you look different at people. The song at the moment i love while im thinking about my boyfriend is from David Choi- By my side.

There is someone else in my life that i love very much. Im a Christian and I know that i will keep my Savior on the number one spot! People look sometimes different at christians. I do admit, Some christians make christians look different, but! its important to let everybody in there worth. Respect each other even if you are a christian or not. Song at the moment that really touches me: Mandisa-stronger

I have been through a lot when i lived in England with my dad for 3 years. I was always alone. But i always had my music and notice that i kept on understanding the text of music. I always kept happy by listening to some John Legend Music. I do miss my dad and every time i listen to this song i do think about him. Love you dad

When i got back to Holland. I started hip hop dancing. Hip hop is about passion And passion is music! My favorite dance video:

The second video is important to me. Lyle Beniga kept on motivating me And he is still my best dancer! 

I hope you find this interesting! i just needed to put it out of me lol! 
What is your music story?


  1. You had a wonderful idea here... I'm like you, music is in my every day life... Though I don't play any instrument.

    When I was 9 years old, I've discovered the group Queen. Ever since, I am a huge fan. I'll be turning 31 soon & days without Queen are rare !! I started learning English by myself to understand their songs... so they've been my English teachers !!

    Though there are some songs that I love which are reminding me of saddest or happiest moment.

    When I was 16 my grandad died, even if he was not the "1st" one in my life t die, I just really realized what it was to see someone you love go away... At that time I was listening to the album Daydream of Mariah Carey, listening it everyday with this oh so true "Looking in" song... but since, I've never put it on again.

    1997/1998 : were the years of "Ok Computer" from Radiohead... or some songs from Smashing Pumkins... & many more !

    Then I went to England for 2 years & I associate this time to "Another Chance" from Roger Sanchez... partying... having fun !!

    As I'm a very romantic, I relate "Be mine" from David Gray to my husband.... Love love love !

    And now ??? still into Queen, discovered Muse, Coldplay... great groups... but at the moment "my song" is "Someone Like You" from Adele...

    That's my "quick" life story with music...


  2. aaawh i love your music story!! we also both lived in england ^^ lol! Did you like it in England? Adele is a good artist xxx

  3. Well I loved England, I went 2/3 times before with school... But to live there... wow, where were you ? I was in St Albans, near Watford, and was in London nearly each weekend !!
    I love everything, their food, the country...

  4. I first lived in Essex, then we went to London and at last to Rainham. I wasn't happy there. :( I think i just missed holland a lot. I was 10 years old.

    The people where oke. In Rainham there was a lot of racism, so im glad i moved back to Holland