Sunday, June 19, 2011

Essie summer 2011 collection

The summer starts officially tomorrow! The summer collection consists of 6 Essie colors. Beautiful colors for both hand and feet, a very fine quality!!

As you can see there are a lot of reddish colors coming back! I think red always looks good on every girl! So its nice that they let red coming back into the summer collection.

Im still in love with nude colors, so I would like to try and my fav color of this collection is the " Absolutely shore"

Pictures from

What is your favorite color from this collection? And would you buy these polishes?


  1. Hey hey Sweetie

    How are you ? Everything is fine over here !!! But busy as I have a lot of things to do before starting my job...

    Nice polishes, I love the blue one & pink one too (bossa nova...) I can't find Essies here...

    Did you got your camera or are still waiting to receive it ?

    Love xoxo

  2. @Amandine

    Heyy im fine thanks!! Great everything is fine with you as wel!
    I also cant find any essie nail polish here

    No not yet! =( i have to be patient!! lol i cant waaaiiittttt