Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tutorial: Ocean Rhinestones nails

New Nail Tutorial on my youtube channel. I got a request from Fantoma91. She wanted to see a blue design with rhinestones, so i came up with this. It really makes me think of the ocean because its blue with a nice green color.

If you want to make a design with rhinestones make sure to push them very well because this will let the rhinestones stay longer on your design.

When i apply rhinestones i like to add the topcoat first and push the rhinestones in the topcoat and after when it dries add another topcoat if you have the time and patients for it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tutorial: Abstract Nails

New Nail Tutorial on my Youtube channel.
This was a request by JaeMarie2008. I chose to do creme pastel colors. But you can also try doing this tutorial with different colors or making the stripes and dots black instead of white.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Petite Nail Polish Haul!

I think im getting addicted to these nail polishes ^^ lol!

2 days ago i received 6 nail polishes! i was so happy when i got it and im definitely happy with the colors i have chosen.

I also received 2 gifts. An hello kitty pen (sweet^^) and etude house cotton pads.

I was looking for a white nail polish, but a good one! and every time i went to buy cheap white nail polish it will be thick in a week. Even when i used it for only a few times! so i had to throw the nail polish away. BUT this nail polish!! its so gooood! and cheap! so im lucky with this nail

Colors i have so far:

- Brown Berry
- Creamy Gray
- Kahlua Milk
- Lilac Milk
- Black tea Milk
- Cloud Milk
- Midnight Gray
- True White
- Grape Milk

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Korean nail polish: Petite Darlings

Im in love with korean products!! and definitely Etude House " Petite Darling's " nail polishes. I like the colors and the way the bottles look. What i like the most of this brand is that they have a lot of cream colors. i am addicted to creamy colors! I ordered some on ebay. And at this moment i have 3 bottles, but 6 still coming my way! I tried to look on the website from Etude House, but i couldn't find them anymore, only the matte collection. Maybe they are out of stock. I did see other nail polishes called Luci Darling and Dear Darling . Maybe i will try them, but first i will enjoy my petite polishes ^,^!

i have the colors from left to right:
- brown berry
- kahlua milk
- creamy gray

Nail art: White tiger french

i know everybody always do these kind of nail art. But i actually started nail art when i saw these kind of nail designs. And it was funny because when i didn't have any nail polishes i actually tried it with a eye liner
Now that im growing my nails long it looks really good. It also looks good on short nails. I even had a video on my old channel MattaniE.

Products used:
-Sally Hansen " hard as wraps " ( base and top coat )
- Essence glitter harderner
- M no. 58 White nail polish ( i think its a spanish brand )
- Black Acrylic paint and a nail art brush ( You can also use a nail art striper or a black nail polish. But i do recommend using a thicker black polish instead of a watery polish )