Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catrice Swatches

Today i will show you my catrice collection. I actually am not going to show 2 colors that you see right now in this picture because i wanted to make a different post for them. Check it out!

up in the air. This is a blue color i really like. I normally 
dont wear a lot of blue colors.

i scream peach. Nice orange color. Haven't used it a lot

Princess for a day. A very nice pink 

Sold out forever. Every body in holland was going crazy for this
color. They even wanted to buy it for lots of euro on ebay etc.
Well, the name says it all.

Clay-ton my hero. I love this color. It has a nice shimmer color.

Am i blue or green. Very beautiful color. Planning to 
make a tutorial with this color ^^

From dusk to down. I used this color a lot back in 2010

What do you think? (still working with my new camera. Pictures are not perfect ^^)

1 comment:

  1. So pretty... some are just perfect colours !!!

    Thanks for sharing ! Hope you are well today... & have a good week.