Monday, May 23, 2011

OPI: "Pirates of the caribbean"

These are pictures from:

I like the new collection from OPI. Im in love with pastel colors. So i definitely want these polishes!!
I really dont have a lot of opi nail polishes "2" -,- so i think i will buy this collection

stranger tides

i like this color, its a nice green color. it will look great on my skin tone.

steady as she rose

This color as a warm tint. It kind of a pink/red color.

Planks a lot

Its a nice purple color. Would i try it? Maybe

Mermaid's tears

my favorite color is green. and this is a very beautiful green color.

Skull & Glossbones

I dont know if its looks nice on my skin tone. 

Sparrow me the drama

yay pink! i think everybody loves pink right??

i never tried cracking polishes. Maybe i will.

What do you think of these colors?

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