Friday, May 27, 2011

Lush: Tiny Hands Handserum

When i went shopping in Asmterdam with a friend of mine. We saw the Lush shop. We actually never been to a Lush shop so we decided to have a look.

There was this girl who loved to show us everything! They showed us some bath products and masks etc. She even let us try some products on our hands.

BUTT when she massaged the products onto our hands, her hands where so soft!!! I thought how come??!!, and she told us that she uses Lush Handsserum. So first I was thinking about the price, but then i thought, why not? let me try it out!!!

The dutch website says:This serum makes your hands nice and soft again and smells nice. If you massage it onto your hands the oil will melt.  This hand treatment is in solid from including argan oil, aloe vera, cocoa and shea butter, The serum is quickly absorbed, no oily hands!

I bought it for €7,95 and im not sad that i bought it !! I love it and im going to try it every evening before i go to bed ^^

What do you think of the Lush Handsserum?

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  1. The packaging alone is really cute. I might try it out since I am in the market for a hand lotion