Thursday, May 12, 2011

Catrice Papagena Collection

in July 2011 there will be a colorful, exotic limited edition in the shops of the Kruidvat (Holland). Catrice Papagena, the collection, a collection of products with eyeshadows in shades of khaki and green combined with orange and yellow.
The products are only temporarily available and are offered for much lovely prizes! Papagena the collection has a nice special packaging and brings back some really new products and a lot of new colors. For the Nail polish lovers:

"Enter the undergrowth" and "Welcome to the jungle" 

"Amazonian gold" and "Bird of paradise"

Its sad that we only have this in Holland. €3,49 in dollars $4.94
BUT tell me if you would like to try this one time and maybe i will have a giveaway for my special international followers.!!

What do you think of the colors?


  1. Amandine / PrincessCeuksMay 14, 2011 at 6:22 AM

    Thanks for putting everything in English sweet !!!!

    Don't laugh at me...ok ?! But Catrice is one of the brand I'm dreamming about ! I've heard so many good thing about it ! And this purple & kaki (welcome to the jungle) are SO beautiful (+ prices are great !)... Do you own some ? If you do could you something with it on YT ? I'd like to see the "real" colour...

    Well Mattania I'm off to create my last vid' for your contest. My hubby just told me it's the 14/05 today and this morning I was like " oh no !!!! I wanted to do a last tuto I won't have the time !!!"... I could have done it this morning...but my cat Minnie had her tiny babies... she's so thin that it was really hard for her, last few days, she could barely eat... so this morning I was on board to help her... I'll put something on YT....

    Speak to you soon !! Amandine

  2. hello! hihi i knoww!! i love that brand thats why i want to try a giveaway or maybe use some nail polishes for my next contest ^^ I watched your last design great work! now i have to go and choose a winner , its going to be so hardd!! Take care! and your cat Minnie to^^

  3. Amandine / PrincessCeuksMay 22, 2011 at 6:48 AM

    Sooooo.... just went to check on ebay... no Catrice exept on ebay Canada... & there was only 1 sort ! But I'll try later, when I'll get a job back I'll probably buy few polishes in brands I'd like to try (models own, finger paints sinfull colours...& many more !!). While surfing I saw some new Essence, have you ever tried this brand ? if you did, what did you think of it ?

    I saw that you'll try to say who the winner is before Wednesday, I can't wait for it ! I'd like to see the video of the winner !!

    Til next week, wish you a good Sunday !
    Take care, Amandine

  4. @Amandine

    yes thats a brand in holland! =D they have a lot of nice colors but the brand it self is not very good. Its cheap!! but at the same day the nail polish starts to peel of!! =( i also want to try sinfull colors,orly, essie, models own!!

    its so hard Amandine!! really !! i didn't know i would have so many entries. i thought about 15 entries but no. 50 entries!! but i will be holding more in the future!

    Also to u a good Sunday ^^ xxx

  5. Amandine / PrincessCeuksMay 22, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    Oh I'm sad to hear that about Essence... I guess not all the brands are great ! I've got an Orly (get a grip+ a french manicure kit) I have to say it's very good, normal sized polishes cost around 13/16€, I found 1 at 6€... so it's a good price...
    I also would like to try some bigger brands like Chanel (arround 30/40€ here) or Butter London (45€ on internet...) I won't try these before a real loooooonnnnng time :-)

    About your contest, I think (that's just my thought) that it reflects the love of people for your channel, & the theme of this contest... you deserved more however !! Well we always wish more & more !!

    Hugs xxx