Monday, February 21, 2011

Petite Nail Polish Haul!

I think im getting addicted to these nail polishes ^^ lol!

2 days ago i received 6 nail polishes! i was so happy when i got it and im definitely happy with the colors i have chosen.

I also received 2 gifts. An hello kitty pen (sweet^^) and etude house cotton pads.

I was looking for a white nail polish, but a good one! and every time i went to buy cheap white nail polish it will be thick in a week. Even when i used it for only a few times! so i had to throw the nail polish away. BUT this nail polish!! its so gooood! and cheap! so im lucky with this nail

Colors i have so far:

- Brown Berry
- Creamy Gray
- Kahlua Milk
- Lilac Milk
- Black tea Milk
- Cloud Milk
- Midnight Gray
- True White
- Grape Milk


  1. Hi :)
    Je bent een Nederlander zie ik hihi ^^ Well, I'm going to ask you a question in English so other readers can understand it ^^
    I was thinking to buy True White, is it really good? How white is it? And does it cover your nail well? :D
    Thank you! This blog is really helpful to me ^^

  2. @Yuta hey haha Ja ik woon in Nederland :P maar is goed ik antwoord ook even in het engels haha XD .. Yes , its a good nail polish.. But with all white nail polishes you will have to add 2 coats. Most of the white nail polishes are very thick. But this one is isn't. =D so if you want to buy a white nail polish i will recommend you buying this one ^^ Glad to help!

  3. Another good white is from Catrice in Snow Motion... I recommend it ;) But where do you buy Etude House?

  4. @Saskia,

    Yeah I saw that one Monday at Kruidvat but I was not sure if i had to buy it!! But if you say its good maybe i will try =D

    I bought my etude house polishes from ebay ^^