Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nail art: White tiger french

i know everybody always do these kind of nail art. But i actually started nail art when i saw these kind of nail designs. And it was funny because when i didn't have any nail polishes i actually tried it with a eye liner
Now that im growing my nails long it looks really good. It also looks good on short nails. I even had a video on my old channel MattaniE.

Products used:
-Sally Hansen " hard as wraps " ( base and top coat )
- Essence glitter harderner
- M no. 58 White nail polish ( i think its a spanish brand )
- Black Acrylic paint and a nail art brush ( You can also use a nail art striper or a black nail polish. But i do recommend using a thicker black polish instead of a watery polish )


  1. Is the Sally Hansen base coat good? :)

  2. YES if i where you i would try

    Sally hansen Triple Strong!
    that is the best base coat i have used so far