Sunday, February 13, 2011

Korean nail polish: Petite Darlings

Im in love with korean products!! and definitely Etude House " Petite Darling's " nail polishes. I like the colors and the way the bottles look. What i like the most of this brand is that they have a lot of cream colors. i am addicted to creamy colors! I ordered some on ebay. And at this moment i have 3 bottles, but 6 still coming my way! I tried to look on the website from Etude House, but i couldn't find them anymore, only the matte collection. Maybe they are out of stock. I did see other nail polishes called Luci Darling and Dear Darling . Maybe i will try them, but first i will enjoy my petite polishes ^,^!

i have the colors from left to right:
- brown berry
- kahlua milk
- creamy gray


  1. omg ! i gotta look out for those colors
    when i go to korea in may
    love them !!!

  2. Yes such pretty colors i love the creamy gray one! my favorite brand now!