Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Urban Decay Rollergirl Nail Polish

Urban Decay launched a really cool set of nail polishes in june calles Rollergirl! They are 3 free- which menans that they are formukated without toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. The collection comes housed in abox adorned with 70s- inspired pink and gold foil design. You can by them at Urbandecay

Why such small bottles?

Urban Decay always makes small nail polish bottles, because they believe bigger nail polish bottles are a waste. At a miniscule 0.17 ounces, They boast that hese pocket sized bottles are highly portable and a great value. They also claim that by the time you are even close to finishing them, you will want next season's hot colors. I actually think they are right! cause if you have lots of nail polishes, you wont be able to finish all of them and its just a waste if you cant use them anymore in a while!

Fame, Superfreak, Xanadu, Miss T, Woodstick, Love Train

What do you think of the colors? Do u also agree with urbandecay?

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