Friday, July 15, 2011

Elf nail polish review

Today I am doing a review on Elf (Eyeslipsface) nail polishes. These are 10 ml nail polishes with active Vitamin E. It helps for stronger and healthier nails. And the price is only $1/€1! 

Today I am doing a review on Elf (Eyeslipsface) nail polishes. These are 10 ml nail polishes with active Vitamin E. It helps for stronger and healthier nails. And the price is only $1/€1! This nail polish is toluene, formaldehyde and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) Free. I think its a great amount of nail polish because the nail polish is good enough for 9 months.

I will test:
 - the formular
- dry time
- how it looks without top coat
 - the elf matte top coat
- cuticle pen and cuticle pusher

The brush size is great. If you like using medium sized brushes. Definitely try the nail polish from elf.

"Flourescent pink": I used two coats.
It actually already looked very well with one coat.
Its shines good without using topcoat.

"Nude": I used two coats. I like to use two coats for nude 
polishes because if i use one coat, it just looks like a natural
base coat. This polish dried very fast. This is one
of my favorite elf polishes that i am reviewing. 
It shines well, but I would have liked to use a topcoat.

"Light pink": I used 3 coats for this nail polish. 
I would have preferred 2 coats because if you add 3 coats, it takes
very long to dry. But it is a very beautiful color and as you can 
see, it does come out good with 3 coats. 
I find the color very feminine. 
The color fits light skinned girls very well. 

"Smoky brown": I used two coats. Two coats is perfect.
One coat would have been to light and three coats to thick.
It has a great natural shine. Its an perfect brown color. 

When applying the matte nail polish to your nails. You don't
see the results directly. after 10 seconds, it will turn matte.
But the matte does come out great

Left finger: top coat
Right finger: matte top coat

The rubber is not to hard so it wont be painful to push
your cuticles back.

I like that the cuticle pen is not to oily. 
The amount of oil that is coming out is perfect for the cuticles.

I think the polishes are good for only $1/€1. As you can see, some of them are great for 2 coats and others for 3. Elf has beautiful colors. I like the way the nail polish looks. Its simple but yet feminine.

I also made a tutorial with these colors..

What do you think of elf? Do you like the colors?


  1. I love elf, great price, & great quality... but some of the polishes can chips quickly. I got 10/12 last year, & unfortunatly some are in real by state now, thick, making balls... Though I really love the brand & even these "problems" I'll buy some again... Also this is great when you change your nails often... +++++ no test on animals, very good !

    I tried other products... & I'm happy with it !


  2. yess!! thats why i love it so much because i love animals!! <3

  3. Thank you so much for this.
    I was checking out ELF products the other day ^_^

  4. @Jen lol that comes out great ^^ i definitely recommend you the nude and fluorescent pink nail polish if you love those kind of colors ^^ xxx

  5. Brilliant post and great review. I defiantly have to try out these nail polishes. They may strengthen my nails for me, seem as my nails are weak and always chip every time I paint them. You have healthy, looking nails and I love the nude and fluorescent pink nail polish.