Monday, March 21, 2011

Nail art: Faded Flower Effect

This is a nail tutorial that was inspired by one of love4nails's designs. I always wanted to try this out but never got the change to grow long nails. now that i have long nails i just had to do it lol.

I chose to try it with a pink glittery nail polish because i find black a little to harsh like in the video from Raquel. Its not that i don't like it but this is just my way.. She is an great professional nail art guru and i like every design that she makes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring 2011 collection "A French Affair

I LOVE the new Essie Spring 2011 collection "A French Affair ". An assortiment of six intoxicating retro pastels and show-stopping neutrals. As you can see nude colors are coming in! i definitely like nude colors and where them al the time. It gives your nails a natural look.

I don't have Essie nail polish but i hear a lot of positive messages about this nail polish. 2 years ago I actually thought it was they same as a dutch brand called Essence , and i wasn't very happy with essence so i never bother buying/trying Essie nail polish. But now i know its not the same and after watching some reviews i will buy one and try it out! I also thought it was a very small polish and i found it really expensive so thats another point why  i didn't want to buy it lol ^^.

I am most excited about the "Topless and Barefoot" polish. It looks like a very nice color and so natural.

Im not really into blue nails, and its kind of weird that its in this collection cause most of them are nude/natural.

Which color do you like?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: Bsj Nail polish

This is my first Nail polish review. Im planning on reviewing more nail polishes.I Think that this is a chinese brand. I bought it for about 2 euros.i am not happy with this polish even tho it looks like OPI. When i bought it they told me it will be a nail polish with high gloss! so when i tried it out it came out matte. I was schocked i thought maybe there is something really wrong with this nail polish. But somebody send me a message that it said in chinese that it was a matte nail polish. THATS SAD!! i think they gave me the wrong one -_-'